AFMS: Markup for afeditor and testrunner



Most of the multiline edit fields in afeditor and testrunner support different markups. You may use either plain text, HTML markup or reStructuredText markup.

HTML Markup

If you start your text with the marker .. HTML (case is ignored) followed by a blank line the following text is rended as HTML. Alternatively you may enter the tag <html> in the first line of the description and </html> in the last line.

You may use most of the basic HTML tags to format your text.

example1 example2

In normal view mode the rendered text is shown. When editing an artefact you may use the "Preview" button to see how the text will be rendered.

reStructuredText markup

Place the directive ".. REST" (case is ignored) followed by a blank line at the beginning of your text to use reStructuredText markup.

example3 example2

Markup popup menu

The multiline edit fields have a popup menu which opens on pressing the right mouse button in the field. The menu provides the most common markup commands for either HTML or reStructuredText markup.

Menu item Meaning
Bold Markup selected text as bold.
Italic Markup selected text as italic.
Fixed Width Markup selected text as monotype
Bullet List Turn selected lines inta a bullet list, on list item per line
Numbered List Turn selected lines inta a numbered list, on list item per line
Table Selection should be lines with items seperated by tabs. The command turns the selection into a table.
Indent Indent the selected lines
Unindent Unindent the selected lines
Insert Image A dialog is opend to select an image file name. An image markup is inserted with that filename. The file path is turned into a relative path to the database if possible.
Plain Text Remove .. REST or .. HTML from start of text
HTML Place .. HTML and a blank line at start of text
ReStructured Text Place .. REST and a blank line at start of text